Farm Hand

TITLE: Farm Hand

RESPONSIBILITY: This position is responsible to the Agriculture & Horticulture Coordinator of Hale Farm & Village for care and maintenance of livestock, gardens, farm implements and program demonstrations.

CLASSIFICATION: This position is classified as part time and is non-exempt with regard to overtime compensation.

COORDINATION: Works with all Hale Farm & Village and Western Reserve Historical Society staff involved in the interpretation of daily life in the museum.


Direct care for the health, safety, cleanliness, and breeding schedule of all Hale Farm and Village livestock.

On occasion, provide to the visiting public informative, accurate, and engaging information about Hale Farm and Village, 19th century farming and gardening techniques, the history of Ohio, and 19th century general American history.

Maintenance of fences, gates, feed troughs, and barns.

Wear period appropriate clothing during different climates.

Maintain the physical cleanliness of the program tools, equipment and site.

Undertakes other specific temporary duties as assigned by the Agriculture & Horticulture Coordinator.

QUALIFICATIONS: Be able to prioritize and have flexibility in organizing tasks, especially during periods of visitor interaction. Must either have experience with large farm animals or an appreciation of their size and care. Be able to make instructions clear to staff and volunteers. Must have attention to detail and composure under pressure. This position is physical in nature and candidates must be able to stand for extended periods of time, lift heavy objects and work in a variety of conditions.

To apply please send cover letter and resume to Janet Waterman, HR Associate, at (see below)

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